Good-bye and Good Riddance Book Excerpt

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Snapshots from Good-bye and Good Riddance
By chance, the first postcard Maddie plucked out of the pile was from Mondorf-les-Baines, Luxembourg, dated June 8, 1973–her daughter Janet’s starting point
Maddie succeeded in landing at the base of the Eiffel Tower
She followed that milestone experience with a walk around the gardens, taking note of the many other observers like herself, finding delight in this passive activity
A clearing to the right exposed a wide area taken over by mushrooms…She wanted to inspect them at a closer range
There sat Maddie, sipping her hot chocolate on top of a mountain. What a view!
Herr Menzel’s take on the Hungarian and Romanian gypsy families he encountered after World War II was entertaining. Of course, their mode of travel was carts
Tiny violets, with laser-bright yellow centers, dotted the shaded floor
Mushrooms, lots of them, ascended from the spreading roots and grew in stair-formations up the trunks. “Don’t even think about it,” warned Marcus, having followed her eyes.
After the Vatican, she was hitting the road. Wouldn’t it be grand if she found renewed faith there? Realistically, she worried there’d be bigger questions