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Rearranging words
is no different than whittling down a bothersome bump
or sketching the paper raw until something results,
something happily acceptable.
During the course of one’s topsy-turvy life,
those seemingly trivial victories
give rise to quiet celebration.



Valerie Hagenbush’s debut novel Good-bye and Good Riddance was conceived in Cincinnati, Ohio, begun in Naperville, Illinois, and finished in Surprise, Arizona, her current home. This undertaking was by no means the result of a life-long burning desire to write. She simply sat down one evening and started to develop that particular idea, which had been simmering for around twelve years.

Valerie graduated from The Ohio State University in 1976 with a B.A. in photography and cinema, and has since held many diverse jobs. After entering the world of cartoon cel animation and special effects, which culminated with work on the Disney film TRON in 1982, other interests surfaced that took her down an altogether different path. As a means of pursuing microbiology, she obtained an Associate in Applied Science degree in veterinary technology from the University of Cincinnati in 1995. Following a period at a research company, she moved on to an animal hospital, which led, in a roundabout way, to her employment with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. And now she writes—in addition to drawing medical illustrations. She also serves on Arizona's city of Surprise Arts and Cultural Advisory Board.

A short story titled “Dust Yourself Off” served as the basis for Good-bye and Good Riddance. The entry was selected by actor Rutger Hauer for his 2004 Short Story Contest and appeared on his official website. Later contributions included “The Fable of the Bunny Man” and “Spellbound.”

Valerie and David Bauman, her husband of thirty years, are the parents of two grown daughters, Taylor and Emily.

“I value turning new friends into old ones. No easy trick. Hopefully that sentiment is reflected in my stories.