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Good-bye and Good Riddance award winner in the Arizona Authors Association 2006 Literary Contest
Forward moving, forward thinking. With her Patagonia strapped on her back, and sporting an air of confidence derived from her ambitious undertaking, this unproven hitchhiker strode past all of the indifferent strangers’ faces—fearless. Mrs. Gulliver, former prominent socialite, focused on the course ahead of her, invigorated by the refreshing uncertainty of it. She had a commanding presence: five feet, nine inches of indubitable spirit, manifested by a disciplined straight posture and easy, graceful gait. The curve of her angular jaw met the sweeping line of her auburn hair, which was pulled back and around in its usual style and secured with a wooden chopstick. It was among Janet’s keepsakes and still, remarkably, carried the faint smell of the pungent patchouli incense reminiscent of the times’ proliferating headshops.

Following the lead of her eldest daughter, albeit three decades later, the vibrant and curious Madelaine Gulliver embarks on her own European hitchhiking trek. When "good-bye" is all that’s left to say to those around her, Maddie, disenchanted of late, befriends the open road. She sips hot chocolate on a mountaintop in Switzerland, walks through the military cemetery at Verdun, and finds unexpected love. Will the adventure continue beyond summer…or will these newfound experiences lead back home?